A member who brought up the Pajeet drama a week after it was done with. Made some poll about a women member, to which Minnesnopop responded with a similar poll asking whether or not TR is a "trigger retard" for the lulz.

TR took it seriously, responding with "Who the fuck are you? No, seriously. Another false accusation defender? Or were you ones of those who started the rumours?"

It was turned into a minor copypasta that didn't last too long.

Latina Waifu created an emojipasta version of it: Who👏 the👏 fuck👏 are👏 you?😒😒 No‼, seriously. 🚫🚫😤😠😡Another false🤥 accusation defender?🤔🙄😱 Or were you 👉one of those who started🚦 the rumours?🙃💅

TR has since disappeared into the void.

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