Timeline of the ShitlordsEdit


This page will contain a timeline of all documented events among the shitlords. It will run from January 2016 with the founding of the original Shitlord Uprising page by the Shit Tumblr Says Admin, all the way to current events. 

It will be continually updated with such events as large raids, organised events, the destruction of the first group, the creation of the second group, the Spirit Debacle, and the Coup of December 2016.

Timeline: January 2016Edit

January 27th - Group is established and a post is made on STS advertising to applicants to join. It is advertised as a raiding group to take down the worst of the worst pages who would show no remorse in reportspamming shitlord pages. Edit

Timeline: February 2016 Edit

February 24th - The official back up group is established by the admins of the original Shitlord Uprising at the suggestion of Joestar, Bravo, Hitler and To Mom. Edit

February 24th - The first group gets the Zucc. Shitlords retreat to various backup groups run by various popular members and some admins. Edit

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