Shitlord Uprising was in turmoil. Day in and day out drama posts and members leaving. There was a vote which initially left the group struggling further. Late night in December, one vote suddenly changed everything. Gogatsu acted quickly, outing the two admins in charge. The decision was not made alone. Shortly following the coup, the group was once again Shitlord Uprising rather than 'Shitlord' Safe-Space and regular posting resumed.

The Execution Edit

Gogatsu posted a thread titled "Admins are asleep! Start a coup!" which initially was taken as banter until Hitler and Dep were removed as admin and the name changes back to Shitlord Uprising.

The Explanation Edit

You guys deserve an explanation straight from me. I will outline my reasons for why I decided to participate in this coup.

I will admit, I've made mistakes, and this could have been handled a bit better. But hey, I'm a woman, we don't always think rationally ;-;

The first issue was with (ex-admin) Dep. I hold no ill will towards him. But I was unhappy with the way he handled the group and interacted with members. We held a vote and it was 2-2. I was surprised that a tie just meant he gets to stay admin. On hindsight I should have raised the issue of public opinion holding a sway in the vote, but I honestly didn't think about it. I want to be clear that Hitler didn't vote for Dep to stay because of loyalty. Hitler is a principled man, he saw no reason to remove Dep because Dep didn't break any rules. If he had, I'm positive Hitler would have at least demoted him. 

You all have seen the screen shot that Tick Tock shared. Hitler expressed to me that he would either remove all admins or things would stay the same, so I felt the need to tell Tinny Boy since he has been admin for just as long as Hitler. That was when we decided to go through with the coup. I could have waited to be sure he truly meant what he said, at the time I was sure he was completely serious with his comments. 

My personal opinion on Hitler is that he has done a great deal for this group, he has been a wonderful admin until just recently. I was disappointed in the way he handled things as well. 

For example, after he made his post yesterday him and Dep told me I should include Mist and THE MAN in the election poll. I felt that they were using me to tide things over between Mist and the admin team. 

He also appointed Dep as admin without holding a vote among the mods and Admin. This was something else that bothered me. 

So, with that being said. I did convince Strong to change her vote against Dep. But Hitler had already gone to sleep, and no, I didn't tell Tinny Boy about her vote change. On hindsight I should have, I goofed. 

Bottom line, I felt Hitler was driving the group over a cliff and that it was dying. His response to me telling him people were leaving was "#thintheherd"

So with that being said, I don't think Hitler is a tyrant. He based his actions on his principals, which is admirable, but, imo, were killing the group.

If you guys think I should step down as admin for my part in this I will.

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