About Edit

Dep is a member of Shitlord Uprising and certified animal fucking, child molesting, fetish-orientated pederast pervert fucktard whose only solace in life is to be humiliated, have objects inserted into his anus, rape animals and children (also known as 'shotas'), or talk about how everyone is a "super hot daddiieeee".

Fetishes Edit

Dep is a proven animal fucker and all he would love to do is milk a german shepard's giant cock for gallons of semen. This was most likely induced by Furry pornography and several beatings/rapings as a child (this hypothesis is untested, requiring further study). He is also into shotacon (shota), which is the equivalent of wanting to molest little kids. This horrendous fetish is not as bad as the age old debate of traps. Fucking traps, in his eyes, does not make you gay. This is a capital offense and should be dealt with.

Origin Edit

He was initially part of the OG Shitlord Uprising group as a lurker. Eventually he left Facebook and tended to other matters, eventually returning before the group became secret. It was at this point he stopped lurking and revealed what a slutty whore he is to all the other members, making them instantly regret accepting him into the group.

Ideals Edit

Legend has it that Dep's goal is to fit as much as possible into his anus. At first it will lead to large horse sized dildos. Then it will progress to ten dicks at once, fifty, a thousand, all the way up to a trillion dicks from all ranges of species and ages. If things progress this far, he intends to transcend all mortality and use the planets or galaxies as his anal beads to fulfill the desire of prostate stimulation. By doing this he will essentially become the observable universe and be its God.

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